The Public Database of Police Misconduct in the United States of America

Officers should only use legal force and only use it when absolutely necessary. FORCE An Officer's power is not unlimited. FORCE STANDARDS An Officer should be held to the same legal standard as any other American citizen. EMPLOYMENT Deaths are not returnable and should be treated as such. Officers work for the citizens. SHOOT LAST

What Is Police Misconduct?

Many people are confused by what constitutes as “police misconduct.” Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be physically harmed in order to be the victim of police misconduct.

What's Next?

Video Uploads

We understand most people record video instead of photos and are working to create a secure method for victims of police misconduct to attach videos to their incident reports.

Social Media

We are working to expand our database to the popular social media networks to further expose police misconduct and make such conduct more easily shareable.

Automated Notifications

We are working to create an automated platform where all published incident reports will be submitted to the proper local authorities on a weekly basis until a response is received.

I Was Killed By A Police Officer

Davis drove into a truck and a church before leaving his vehicle. Police and firefighters confronted Davis, who returned to his vehicle and locked himself inside. He then left his vehicle and ran at responders. Officer Thomas Frye shot him with a stun gun, causing him to die soon afterwards.

Richard Gregory Davis

Police claim Ross Anthony was banging his fists on the hood of an ambulance and got into another person’s vehicle when they arrived. Officers claim they attempted to talk Anthony out of the car, choosing to reach in and grab him when he opened the door. When he allegedly resisted, the officer tased Anthony, which ended up killing him.

Ross Anthony
Ross Anthony

Deputies were called to a robbery at an Exxon gas station on Northwest 27th Avenue. When they arrived, deputies found Clark struggling with one of the clerks. Deputies fought Clark. Clark was brought to the hospital before he died.

Markus Clark

While en route to jail, police said Lorenzo began kicking on the back of the patrol car. Jail staff took him into the booking area while he was handcuffed. Lorenzo died soon afterwards, while jail staff prepared to place him in a restraint chair.

Lorenzo Hayes

Hayward police responded to a report of a man needing an emergency mental health evaluation. After arriving, officers determined Roy needed an involuntary psychiatric hold and put him in the back of a police car. On the way to the hospital, police say Roy tried to kick out the car's rear window. The police forced Roy into a leg restraint, after which Roy died.

Roy Nelson
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