The Public Database of Police Misconduct in the United States of America

Officers should only use legal force and only use it when absolutely necessary. FORCE An Officer's power is not unlimited. FORCE STANDARDS An Officer should be held to the same legal standard as any other American citizen. EMPLOYMENT Deaths are not returnable and should be treated as such. Officers work for the citizens. SHOOT LAST

What Is Police Misconduct?

Many people are confused by what constitutes as “police misconduct.” Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be physically harmed in order to be the victim of police misconduct.

What's Next?

Video Uploads

We understand most people record video instead of photos and are working to create a secure method for victims of police misconduct to attach videos to their incident reports.

Social Media

We are working to expand our database to the popular social media networks to further expose police misconduct and make such conduct more easily shareable.

Automated Notifications

We are working to create an automated platform where all published incident reports will be submitted to the proper local authorities on a weekly basis until a response is received.

I Was Killed By A Police Officer

Officer saw Manley, 30, fleeing a car crash. The officer chased Manley and shot him, claiming Manley reached for his gun. A second officer arrived and stunned Manley with a Taser, then a third officer arrived forcibly restrained him. Manley died soon after.

Asshams Manley
Asshams Manley

Deputies say Browning, 30, fled when they were attempting to arrest him for a DUI. They claim he put deputies in a "bear hug" and reached for a firearm before being shot by deputies.

Leroy Browning

An officer pursued me, was reportedly wanted on a misdemeanor warrant, authorities said. The officer attempted to subdue me with pepper spray and shot me during a struggle when I reached for his gun, police said. Family members identified me after the shooting and said I  was being treated for schizophrenia.

Kevin Matthews

Officers responded to a carjacking involving juvenile suspects. When the vehicle was pulled over and passengers got out of vehicle, Crawford was hit by the front end of an oncoming police vehicle, killing him.

Tyree Crawford

Police said they shot and killed Brown after he hit the windshield of a patrol car and ignored commands from police. He was unarmed.

Cornelius Brown
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