The Public Database of Police Misconduct in the United States of America

Officers should only use legal force and only use it when absolutely necessary. FORCE An Officer's power is not unlimited. FORCE STANDARDS An Officer should be held to the same legal standard as any other American citizen. EMPLOYMENT Deaths are not returnable and should be treated as such. Officers work for the citizens. SHOOT LAST

What Is Police Misconduct?

Many people are confused by what constitutes as “police misconduct.” Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be physically harmed in order to be the victim of police misconduct.

What's Next?

Video Uploads

We understand most people record video instead of photos and are working to create a secure method for victims of police misconduct to attach videos to their incident reports.

Social Media

We are working to expand our database to the popular social media networks to further expose police misconduct and make such conduct more easily shareable.

Automated Notifications

We are working to create an automated platform where all published incident reports will be submitted to the proper local authorities on a weekly basis until a response is received.

I Was Killed By A Police Officer

State police officers engaged in a high-speed pursuit crashed and killed two pedestrians, Jason and Nuwnah.

Nuwnah Laroche

Stewart was stopped by police for a broken headlight. Authorities said he was placed in the back of a patrol car, unhandcuffed, while officers ran his name. When the officers returned to handcuff Stewart and take him into custody for outstanding warrants, police said he became "combative" and struck an officer with the handcuffs. The officer then drew his gun and fired. Stewart's mother told local news that her son had never been arrested and that the warrants were for someone else with the same name.

Darrius Stewart

Michael, a 50-year-old mentally ill man, apparently posed no physical threat when three sheriff’s deputies restrained him into unconsciousness at the Denver jail. He died after nine days on life support.

Michael Lee Marshall

Police sprayed Michael Sabbie with a chemical agent while in jail, causing him to become unresponsive and die soon afterwards.

Michael Sabbie

Police claim they saw James, 48, assaulting a woman in a car at an ATM. They tased James twice, causing him to die from his injuries.

James Carney III
James Carney III
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